【AI焦慮?】花旗報告:54%銀行業工作可能被AI 取代 Citi Report: 54% of Banking Jobs Potentially Replaceable by AI

【AI焦慮?】花旗報告:54%銀行業工作可能被AI 取代  Citi Report: 54% of Banking Jobs Potentially Replaceable by AI







On Wednesday (19th June), Citigroup Inc. (Citi) released a report on artificial intelligence (AI), stating that about 54% of jobs in the banking industry have the potential to be replaced by AI, a percentage higher than any other industry. The report suggests that this may not result in a reduction in overall number of staffs.

Citi's report indicates that AI is is poised to revolutionize consumer finance, and 54% of roles in banking have a high potential for automation, while a 12% of roles could be enhanced by AI technology.

When it comes to the likelihood of AI replacement in jobs, the banking sector ranks first, followed by Insurance (48%), Energy (43%), and Capital Markets (40%).

Over the past year, several of the world's largest banks have gradually begun incorporating AI into their operations, aiming to improve employee productivity and reduce costs. For instance, Citi has utilized generative AI to quickly review and organize hundreds of pages of regulatory proposals.

Citi emphasized that even if AI replaces certain jobs within the industry, it does not mean there would be a drop for the total number of employees. Financial institutions may need to hire a large number of AI managers and AI-focused compliance officers to ensure that the use of AI complies with legal requirements and regulations.

New technologies do not necessarily lead to job cuts. Citi cited an example from the 1970s to the mid-2000s, showing that the number of human tellers continued to increase even after the introduction of ATMs.