【ChatGPT】3個令你掌握人工智能指令的秘訣 3 ways to get the best results from ChatGPT

【ChatGPT】3個令你掌握人工智能指令的秘訣 3 ways to get the best results from ChatGPT

你是否已厭倦了人工智能聊天機械人給出一式一樣的回覆?以下是AI指令工程師 Anna Berstein 提出的秘訣,有助你掌握更佳的指令撰寫技巧,好讓你的ChatGPT體驗更上一層樓。來學習這些專家提出的技巧,顛覆你的ChatGPT協作技能!

  1. 反覆提問
    當你第一次提問所得到的回覆不如理想時,不要輕易放棄!嘗試以不同的用詞或表達方式向ChatGPT提出問題。一步步提出更具體的問題,可以幫助你得到理想的答覆。例如,"What are three effective time management techniques for remote workers?" 比 "Talk about time management" 更具體。不斷嘗試能有助你獲得最貼切的答案。
  2. 以精準的動詞撰寫
    為確保AI完全理解你的請求,要使用清晰的動詞,避免讓AI產生混淆。例如,"Condense this" 比較含糊的 "Rewrite this to be shorter" 更為精確。明智地選擇動詞以最大限度地提高清晰度和影響力!
  3. 清楚表明你的意圖
    ChatGPT能因應用戶的意圖去提供相對應的答案,因此在一開始就清楚表明意圖尤其重要。嘗試使用不同的措辭、時態和表達方法,看看哪種效果最好。可以嘗試以不同的形式表達,如 "Today, we're going to craft an XYZ" 或 "We're working on an XYZ and would appreciate your input"。 你要讓ChatGPT明白你的意圖才可以指導它給出更好的答案。


Are you tired of lackluster responses from your AI language models? To help you master the art of prompt crafting, we have compiled a set of expert tips from a prompt engineer, Anna Berstein, that will take your ChatGPT experience to new heights! Let's explore these game-changing insights and elevate your AI collaboration skills!

  1. Trial & Error
    Don't throw in the towel when your initial phrasing doesn't quite hit the mark! Try posing questions to ChatGPT using different wordings or expressions. Gradually asking more specific questions can help you achieve the desired results. For example, "What are three effective time management techniques for remote workers" is a more specific way of asking "Talk about time management." Experimenting will help you get the most relevant response.
  2. Be Aware of the Right Choices of Verbs
    To ensure your AI buddy fully grasps your request, use a verb that leaves no room for confusion. For example, "Condense this" packs a punch compared to "Rewrite this to be shorter." Choose your verbs wisely to maximize clarity and impact!
  3. Start with a Clear Intent
    ChatGPT has the ability to provide users with different answers based on their intent. Set the stage for success by clearly stating your intention from the get-go. Experiment with various wordings, tenses, and approaches to see what works best. Try phrases like, "Today, we're going to craft an XYZ" or "We're working on an XYZ and would appreciate your input." Establishing a clear intent to ChatGPT will guide it to provide better answers.

Experimentation and attention to detail can make all the difference in your AI interactions! Unlock the full potential of AI language models like ChatGPT with these expert tips!