【ChatGPT】本地大學逐漸放寬對ChatGPT使用限制 Major universities are gradually relaxing restrictions on the use of ChatGPT

【 #ChatGPT 】本地大學逐漸放寬對ChatGPT使用限制 Major universities are gradually relaxing restrictions on the use of ChatGPT




另外,雖然香港大學在2月17日宣布臨時禁止學生在所有課堂、課程作業和評估使用ChatGPT或其他AI工具,但最新在3月8日表示,不會限制教師在課堂上使用ChatGPT和生成式人工智能(Generative AI),學生如需使用,則仍然需要事先獲得教師的書面同意豁免,此政策將在第二學期後結束。


The development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been advancing rapidly, and its applications in various fields are becoming increasingly widespread, including in Hong Kong's university education. However, there is still ongoing debate among students and teachers regarding whether the use of AI technology is appropriate.

Rocky Tuan, the president of the Chinese University of Hong Kong stated that the university will not prohibit students from using ChatGPT, but they must declare its use and inform relevant teachers. He emphasized that AI technology is a new and innovative approach that should be embraced by all sectors, including universities. While universities should consider integrating AI into their teaching, students should still complete their assignments and exams independently, without relying on external assistance.

Tuan also pointed out that AI is a "double-edged sword". He believes that educators and researchers should regard ChatGPT as a research tool that can help them complete their work more effectively. Therefore, they should not resist the use of ChatGPT, but instead, think about how to integrate it into education and explore different application methods.

Also, the University of Hong Kong initially announced a temporary ban on students using ChatGPT or other AI tools in all classes, course assignments, and assessments. However, on March 8, they stated that they will not limit teachers from using ChatGPT and generative AI in classes. Nevertheless, students still need to obtain written consent from their teachers to use them. This policy will remain in effect until the end of the second semester of this year. 

The Education University of Hong Kong has announced that students are now permitted to use AI-assisted tools during classes. However, to ensure transparency, students must explicitly declare in their submitted assignments that they have utilized AI for reflective learning purposes. Stephen Yan-Leung Cheung, the president of the Education University of Hong Kong, pointed out that it is difficult to ban AI technology. He believes that teachers should embrace new technology to enhance student learning experiences and teaching. He hopes to make AI-related courses mandatory and reminds us that AI lacks human factors. Therefore, the value of teachers lies in their human touch.