【AI時代】調查:擁AI技術知識人才 可獲加薪28% Research indicates that AI-skilled professionals could see salaries rise by up to 28%

【AI時代】調查:擁AI技術知識人才 可獲加薪28%

Amazon Web Services(AWS)委託國際科技諮詢公司Access Partnership,向香港500間機構、逾1600名員工進行研究調查,以了解人工智能(AI)技術在職場的應用趨勢與需求。研究顯示,當AI獲普及使用時,在香港具備AI技術和專業知識的人才將可獲高達28%的薪酬加幅;當中 IT(28%)和研發(27%)部門人員的受益最大,銷售和行銷(25%)部門次之。

研究指出,AI亦能為香港帶來巨大的生產力提升。受訪的僱主認為,AI可協助將機構的生產力提高 40%,而員工則認為AI有助提升其工作效率達47%。僱主與員工期望使用AI可帶來的首三項生產力優勢皆相同,當中分別有72%僱主與62%員工冀AI能改善工作流程和成果、66%僱主與60%員工認為AI可自動化重複性工作,並且有53%僱主和50%員工認為可藉AI支援自主學習。


研究結果又顯示,在香港各行業中,金融服務業對AI帶來的影響最為樂觀,71%的金融服務業受訪者覺得,AI對其職業和機構的影響最為正面。與之相比,製造業、資訊科技業及批發和零售業,則分別為69%、65% 及57%相比。


Amazon Web Services (AWS) commissioned the international technology consulting firm Access Partnership to conduct a survey involving 500 organizations and over 1,600 employees in Hong Kong to understand the trends and demands of AI technology in the workplace. The research indicates that, with widespread use of AI, professionals with AI skills and expertise in Hong Kong could receive a salary increase of up to 28%. The IT (28%) and R&D (27%) departments benefit the most, followed by the sales and marketing (25%) departments.

The study also highlights significant productivity gains brought by AI in Hong Kong. Employers believe AI can increase organizational productivity by 40%, while employees think AI can boost their work efficiency by 47%. Both employers and employees expect similar top three productivity benefits from using AI: 72% of employers and 62% of employees hope AI can improve work processes and outcomes, 66% of employers and 60% of employees believe AI can automate repetitive tasks, and 53% of employers and 50% of employees think AI can support autonomous learning.

The research further reveals that employers are increasingly valuing employees' soft skills by 2028. The survey results show that employers consider soft skills, such as critical thinking (56%) and creative thinking (52%), more important than IT skills like coding (51%).

Additionally, the study shows that among various industries in Hong Kong, the financial services sector is the most optimistic about the impact of AI, with 71% of respondents in this sector believing that AI has the most positive impact on their careers and organizations. In contrast, the manufacturing, IT, and wholesale and retail industries have 69%, 65%, and 57% respectively.

Robert Wang, Managing Director for AWS in Hong Kong and Taiwan, stated that the rise of AI provides opportunities for Hong Kong enterprises to drive innovation and enhance productivity. However, cultivating employees with AI skills is particularly crucial for organizations to fully unleash the potential of AI technology.